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As you guys probably know by now, we are big into smoothies these days and eat them almost everyday for breakfast before work. During the week we tend to repeat the same Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie recipe a lot since we can practically throw it together in our sleep, but on the weekends we like to experiment a little more to mix things up.

This past weekend, we had gone to the farmers market across the street from our place in Del Mar and picked up some fresh pitaya fruits. We were excited to try these out in a smoothie Sunday morning, and ended up serving them for our friend Kelcie who stayed over after dinner the night before. They turned out really well and came out a much prettier color than most of our veggie based smoothies 🙂


Here’s the recipe:

Pitaya Protein Smoothies
Serves 2

Starting with the almond milk, add all ingredients through protein powder and blend until smooth. Top with granola and shredded coconut.

Pitaya-coconut-breakfast-smoothie vegan vegetarian protein shake fruit bananaPitaya coconut vegan breakfast smoothie vegan vegetarian protein cauliflower banana


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