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Sunchoke Salad: Two Ways


We recently received sunchokes in our CSA box and were excited since we had never prepared these before. After doing a little research and recipe-hunting, we learned that that taste pretty good roasted, and decided to make a version of this salad from Food 52.

We liked it so much (and had so many sunchokes) that we made it two ways – one night with pan fried salmon, and the next night with sauteed green beans and wheat berries.


First we scrubbed the sunchokes clean, sliced them thin, and tossed them with the almonds, olive oil, and salt. Then we roasted them in the oven for 15-20 mins while preparing the rest of the salad.

For the version with green beans, we had the wheat berries left over from another dish so they were already cooked, but if you’re making them for the salad definitely start them at the very beginning since they take about 45 mins to cook.

We didn’t have escarole, so went with kale instead. To break it down a bit, we massaged it with a little olive oil and salt in a big bowl before adding the lemon and caper oil for the dressing. Meanwhile, we sauteed the salmon or green beans until crispy in our cast iron skillet.

Once the sunchokes were ready, we assembled everything in individual bowls and topped with the toasted capers and extra chopped parsley. So easy! The sunchokes have an awesome flavor and texture when roasted and went really well with the crunchiness of the toasted almonds.

Although we had a little fun with the toppings, this salad would be just as good without the salmon or green beans. The almonds and sunchokes make for a hearty dish that can stand on it’s own or serve as a side too.

If you have a favorite recipe for sunchokes we would love to try it! Please post in the comments with ideas 🙂

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