Chicken Salad in Papaya Boats

We recently took a quick trip to the Bahamas to visit Julia’s parents who are currently living there on their boat (I know, rough life!). Although we were excited forย the sunshine and relaxation, we were also pumpedย to try some fresh local food. Needless to say,ย cooking on a boat requires a little creativity – especially when… Continue reading Chicken Salad in Papaya Boats

Buddha Bowls 2 Ways

After running the half marathon last Saturday, we were in much need of some replenishment in the form of something filling and nutritious (before drinking a few celebratory beers of course). We have been playing around with a lot a dish called Buddha Bowls. Not only do they have a fun name, they are also… Continue reading Buddha Bowls 2 Ways

Carrot and Tomato Tagliatelle

This weekend was the San Diego Half Marathon, which Julia had signed up to run a few months ago. The race was early Sunday morning, so Saturday was spent preparing – and by preparing we mean making pasta.ย We both grew up going to endless team pasta dinners before swimming and field hockey events, so it’s… Continue reading Carrot and Tomato Tagliatelle