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Burrito Bowls with BBQ Beans & Grilled Peach Salsa

Here’s another vegan recipe from our Thug Kitchen book that we adapted a bit to leave out the tortillas and make burrito bowls. Full disclosure – this is not a quick weeknight dinner, as it requires making 3 recipes: spanish rice, BBQ beans, and grilled peach salsa. However, it does go great with mojitos or margaritas and is worth the effort on the weekend. It also makes a ton of food if you’re interested in eating burritos for days (or freezing extras for later).
We’re a little behind on our posts and this was made over the summer (hence the peaches). But the rice and beans would still be great on their own or with another type of salsa as well. 
Shoutout to Aunt Julie who gave us this huge, amazing food processor as a wedding gift. All 3 recipes required using one, and we even did a little extra credit, making another hot tomato salsa in addition to the peach salsa used in this recipe. We never could never have accomplished all this without our new machine!

IMG_8485_1Mojitos because, summer


IMG_8438_1.jpgEverything goes in the food processor!

IMG_8453_1.jpgMaking the Spanish rice requires blending the sauce, then pouring it over the rice and baking it in the oven before mixing in peas and corn.


Grilled peaches for the salsa on our Weber grill

BBQ Beans

Homemade salsa

The final product – very filling and full of flavor

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