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Braised Short Ribs with Mashed Potatoes

After a busy Christmas week, we elected stay in this year for NYE and cook ourselves up a feast. We don’t usually have the time for making dishes that require hours of cooking, so we decided to make ourselves an wintery dinner of braised short ribs. We started at about 5pm, took our time with all the prep work, and drank plenty of champagne throughout the process because… New Years.


We paired the short ribs with a bottle of Beaujolais that Suzanne helped us pick out on her last trip to LA. She said to save it for a special dinner and this seemed perfect 🙂


The short ribs were roasted in the oven for 15 minutes before going in with the vegetables and sauce to simmer.


Look at all those veggies! What a healthy meal!


Yep – just threw a bunch of herbs in there. We were supposed to tie them with twine, but who has twine? Next time we might try to better contain the rosemary, since Philippe felt like he was eating a Christmas tree after most of it fell of the sprigs.


The ribs were then baked with the veggies, beef broth, and an entire bottle of Cotes du Rhone red wine for two hours


We thoroughly enjoyed this meal and the time spent at home together to reflect on a great year ahead. Elizabeth also enjoyed gnawing on that bone for dessert! Check out our next post for the sweet dish we made to finish off our meal.

Short Ribs Recipe

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