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Spinach Pesto Pappardelle with Corn, Beans, & Ricotta

As weekends slow down following a busy summer, we’re taking the opportunity to get ourselves back into the kitchen, whether we’re just cooking for ourselves or hosting a dinner party. We don’t often eat pasta these days, but certainly still enjoy it! Julia selected a spinach pesto pappardelle from our favorite pasta recipe book which required us to make pesto from scratch for the first time. Although blanching the spinach and basil was quite tedious, the outcome of our hard work was very tasty.

Once the pasta has been cooked with the corn and haricot verts, you mix in the pesto and some ricotta cheese with salt and pepper. For a bit of bite and acidity, the pasta is topped off with a mixture of diced tomatoes, olive oil, and white wine vinegar. The end result is a flavorful, summery pasta that is ideal for serving guests since much of the prep work can be done ahead of time.

Here’s a copy of the recipe:
Spinach Pesto Pappardelle


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