Cheese Soufflé

Looking to expand our cooking skills a bit further, we decided to tackle the venerable cheese soufflé. After reading “My Life in Paris” by Julia Child, Philippe wanted to try a few recipes she recounts having learned during her time in France. Unfortunately, Julia (girlfriend) was unavailable to help with most of the prep work that night, but Marco, Philippe’s childhood friend, was able to jump in and join for dinner.
Marco recently moved to LA and luckily has experience in whipping egg whites, so we put him to work in the kitchen. The soufflé was certainly a handful to try for the first time because of the many steps, but we think it will get easier with practice. In the end, the effort was a success, and it turned out well. So good in fact, that the three of us ended up finishing off a souffle that serves six!
We paired the souffle with a green salad with a homemade vinaigrette recipe, also from Julia Child’s book.
The basic white sauce of butter, flour, and egg yolks.


Marco whipping up the egg whites
Evidently it takes two to make a soufflé
A butter and Parmesan-lined dish with egg whites folded into the white sauce.



Next time we’ll try to brown it a bit more on the top. Depending on the size of the dish and how much you make, there may be a larger top. Our dish was big enough that we didn’t need to account for this.



One of Julia Child’s first TV shows in the 60’s on the Cheese Souffle

Cheese Souffle Recipe

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