Lamb Soup Tagine

Cafe Clock Cooking School in Fes, Morocco

A highlight of our trip to Morocco was our day-long cooking class at Cafe Clock in Fes. We reported to the kitchen late morning and were greeted by our outgoing and friendly chefs, Souad and Merriam. Though given a choice of recipes, we entrusted Souad with the final menu to make best use of the seasonal vegetables. She suggested a lentil soup, followed by a lamb tagine and chocolate-dipped strawberries. With our list of ingredients in hand, we headed out to the market! What follows below turned into a photo diary of the entire experience, culminating in one of our favorite meals of the trip.





Seb and I were given the great responsibility of chopping whatever they put on our cutting boards


Fresh fava beans for the tagine
Evidently we needed a lot of cilantro, which required the “belly dancing” knife
Souad showed us how much work is required to excavate the heart from an artichoke


“If you can peel an artichoke, you’ll make a good wife.”
Sometimes Philippe got a stern look for taking pictures instead of cooking…
Our chocolate-covered strawberries


A delicious selection of breads to accompany our meal.
Lentil soup served with a side of flame-roasted eggplant and peppers
Lamb tagine with artichoke hearts, peas, fava beans, and preserved lemon
No explanation needed; Claire’s smile says it all.


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