Breakfast Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes with Apple Compote

Philippe recently visited Julia out in California for the second time. During his trip, Julia signed up to run a marathon in Santa Monica to make up for having missed the canceled NYC Marathon. Since Julia would be running a full marathon on Sunday and Philippe would be running a half marathon, we decided to make some awesome pancakes on Saturday morning to carbo load.
We found these pancakes on a blog called honey & jam. They are whole wheat pumpkin pancakes with an apple compote on top and we loved them! Here is the link to the recipe if you’re interested:

We tweaked the recipe a little bit since we didn’t have any buttermilk, so we used a small cup of plain greek yogurt and a little regular milk to substitute. This probably made the pancakes a little denser than the buttermilk would have but also a bit healthier too. We also used one cup of whole wheat flour and one cup all-purpose instead of the 2 cups white whole wheat since that’s what we had on hand.


The final, amazing plate of pancakes. We ate a lot of these.


Later that day, we went for a short hike in the Pacific Pallisades. It was only about a 2 mile hike that wasn’t very steep so Ginger could come too. This was taken at Inspiration Point overlooking Los Angeles in Will Rogers State Park.Β 
Ginger managed the whole hike by herself, even though it started to rain a little at the end!
Β Marathon Day

Julia signed up to run the “Guts and Glory” marathon on the beach in Santa Monica. It was a very small race with only about 20 runners, but it was right on the beach. With Philippe’s support through the second half, she finished in 4 hours and 5 minutes!

6 AM at the beach in Santa Monica


There were not 3,860 runners….. more like 20.


Looking strong after 8 miles!


A very tired but happy finisher πŸ™‚

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