Tacos Tilapia

Baja Fish Tacos

Today Julia had a hockey game with her club team and Philippe and Ginger came to watch! As you can see, Ginger was very focused on the game…

After the game, everyone headed back to Philippe’s place to make fish tacos for dinner. This is a recipe we have made many times and we love it. These tacos have lots of flavour from a variety of spices, and the fresh lime and cilantro make it a perfect summer dish.

First, we start off by combining the spices together and sprinkling them all over the tilapia fillets. The fillets are then cooked for about 3 minutes a side in the skillet.

To make the sauce, we combine low fat sour cream, cilantro, and jalapeño petter with lime juice and sliced white onion:

After toasting some flour tortillas, the tacos are put together with the fish, sauce, and avocado and finished off with some fresh lime juice….

You can find the recipe on Cooking Light Here:


….And for dessert, Philippe picked up a big vanilla cupcake at a street fair! It was a tasty finish to a delicious meal and a long day out in the sun.


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