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Lamb Burgers with Yogurt Mint Sauce

Last week we were in the mood for burgers, but rather than going with plain-old beef burgers, we decided to get a little crazy and make lamb burgers. Julia had previously made this recipe at home in Knoxville last summer and it was a big hit, so we decided to make them again since they were so good.

These burgers (like most things we make during the week) are very simple if you buy already-ground lamb. Not sure who has a meat grinder lying around, but in our experience ground lamb is easy to find so grinding one’s own meat really isn’t necessary though this step is included in this recipe:


Once the meat is mixed with chopped onions, shallots and mint, minced garlic, and a long list of Indian spices, they are grilled (we used the tried and true George Foreman grill), and piled onto a bun (we chose whole wheat challah buns..yum!) with fresh roasted red pepper, radicchio, and a yogurt sauce made with Greek yogurt, lemon juice, and mint.

Paired with a salad, this was a very refreshing summer recipe and would be great for grilling out!

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