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Mushroom Bolognese

In honor of Mother’s Day, we decided to make a very motherly dish…spaghetti.Well, kind of. We made a Mushroom Bolognese which is slightly better than spaghetti.

Although Bolognese sauces can typically be on the unhealthy side, this mushroom bolognese from was a bit lighter, using ground pork instead of beef, and replacing a large amount of the meat with mushrooms. The recipe also called for whole wheat pasta instead of regular, which made for a very hearty dish.

Also unlike many bolognese recipes, this sauce didn’t take forever to cook, only requiring to simmer in the pot for about 30 minutes or so. Few ingredients, quick prep time, and tasty but healthy makes this dinner a winner! 😉

Recipe from Cooking Light:

topped with parsley and cheese = heaven

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