Broccoli Salmon

Panko-crusted Salmon & Garlic Parmesan Broccoli

Tonight was our fist time making dinner at Julia’s new studio apartment! Although it’s a small kitchen to work with, the appliances are all brand new which is a big plus. There is also a new addition to the cooking-at-Julia’s apartment experience…a kitchen table! We didn’t have one at her old apartment, and it is definitely an improvement to actually enjoy our dinner while sitting at the table instead of on our laps on the couch!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we made one of our favorite tried and true salmon recipes (introduced to us by momma Garrison..shout out!). We have made this panko-crusted salmon by The Barefoot Contessa a few times and it never dissapoints:

Our side dish was another Julia and Philippe favorite, cheesy broccoli. You really just can’t go wrong with cheesy broccoli. No recipe required….just steamed broccoli that weΒ sauteedΒ with salt, crushed red pepper, garlic and parmesan.

Extra leftovers for Julia’s lunch the next day….
Salmon and happy together.

Chef Julia Steele: Very good as always..I can never say anything bad about this dish. A+!

Chef Philippe Michel: I loved it. But then again, Julia would say that I love everything that involves bread crumbs and lemon


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