Grill Pork

Greek-Style Pork Chops

You’ll notice that we like to use the grill when we have the chance. Philippe has an inexpensive little Weber gas grill (Link) that cooks better and more evenly that most other full-size grills he’s used. We’re able to use it year-round by putting it on the fire escape outside his kitchen window which is a great option to have if you’re limited on outside space like we are.
So tonight we made Greek-Style Pork Chops with a cucumber/pepper salsa and yogurt sauce. This proved to be a very quick and easy dish that required minimal prep time but packed lots of tasty greek-ey flavor. Leftovers for lunch the next day were also pretty awesome…we just diced the leftover pork chops and made pita sandwiches with the pork, veggies and yogurt sauce, so the recipe can be made either way and is still quite yummy.
Who wants to guess who chopped these veggies??

Link to Recipe

Chef Julia Steele’s Rating: I liked it, but think I like the more casual pita-sandwich version!

Chef Philippe Michel’s Rating: Great overall, although I think I cooked the pork a little too much. The leftovers I had in a pita pocket the next day tasted better for some reason.

Rating: B+ (Good, quick dinner but not mind-blowing amazing)

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